WCTP Gateway

Become your own SMS aggregator using Twilio, ThinQ, and more!

Ardently crafted for the Amtelco community.

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Free and Open Source

Download, modify, and run without restrictions. MIT licensed for personal or commercial use.

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Professional Setup

Not comfortable installing on your own? Try our professional installation and training!

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Dedicated Hosting

We do all the hard work! Just enter the credentials into your WCTP settings and start sending.

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The modern WCTP engine

WCTP flow
Acting as a WCTP Carrier Gateway, we relay messages between the Amtelco 2-Way WCTP API — also known as the WCTP Enterprise Host — for delivery through popular Telecom API providers like Twilio and ThinQ.

Bring your own carrier

Use your own Twilio and/or ThinQ accounts to send messages! Just bring your API key(s).

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication supported using Google Authenticator app.

IP Restrictions

Restrict what IP addresses your Enterprise Hosts (Amtelco WCTP API) can submit messages from.

Automatic carrier failover

We'll try all of your enabled carriers in the priority you've set before failing an outbound message.

Opinionated Security

We require TLS/SSL certificates by default and generate random securityCode(s) for you.

Full Control

Manage every aspect of your WCTP gateway from the included administrative portal.
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